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Stop Killing Whales - Campaign Artwork

Please feel free to copy and save any of these images for your own campaign against whaling.




For use as an email footer ...


Banner. Campaign to end whaling - its needless, unsustainable and inhumane.


Banner. Did you know that whales help to: produce more oxygen than trees and help to remove carbon from the atmosphere.


Banner. Campaign to end whaling. A crime against whales and humanity.


Banner. Campaign to stop killing whales. Whaling is a crime against whales and humanity.


Banner. Stop killing whales banner - small


Banner. Stop Killing Whales. Whaling is needless, savage and brutal.



The larger message below may also be used online, e.g. websites, or printed out and circulated. 


Stop killing whales banner - large



Stop killing whales banner - large



The following are transparent GIF's, so whatever the background, they will always appear round, not square.


Banner from the Blue Planet Society:

World in union against whaling






Stop whaling banner - It's needless and brutal


Stop whaling banner - There is no humane way to kill a whale at sea