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Stop Killing Whales - How You Can Help End Whaling

You have the power at your fingertips to end the needless, inhumane killing of whales.


Start Your Own Social Media Campaign

You have the power at your fingertips to help stop the needles, inhumane and illegal killing of whales. Please consider launching your own campaign to spread awareness and raise concern through your social media pages. With your help and the power of social media, a viral campaign will help to inform others and show the whalers that the web and the word is mightier than the harpoon.


Examples of campaign artwork, including email footers and banners will be found here. You are free to use any of these images for your own campaign.


Write to Your Member of Parliament

If you live in the UK, let your MP know about your concerns. If you send an email with your address, the MP will know that you are one of their constituents and you will receive a written reply from the House of Commons. You can write to all of the MP's that represent your constituency, whether you support them or not. You can easily find the email address of your MP from this search.


Virtually all UK Members of Parliament are on your side and are strongly opposed to whaling. By raising your concerns you will reinforce the Government's efforts to stop it.


Helping our Shared Environment

Due to the activities of man, the world that we share with whales and the other creatures of this planet is fast running out of reserves.


A hard hitting UN report published in May 2019 shows that nearly one million species risk becoming extinct within decades. This is the most comprehensive assessment of its kind and you will find the key facts and statistics here.


The director of the World Wildlife Fund commented that "We are the first generation to truly understand what we are doing to our world and the last who can do anything about it".


There are many things that each of us can do to help the planet. Here are 50 ways, here are 50 more ways. Here are 40 unexpected ways. Also, for your own health and that of the planet, discover the most toxic personal care products.


About Us

We are a small group of citizens with a shared concern for the lives of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and their ocean environment. We decided to do something to help whales after Japan announced that it would resume commercial whaling in July 2019. Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands also continue the needless and inhumane killing of whales, dolphins and porpoises.


Based on factual information and the findings of scientific research, the purpose of our campaign is to inform, create awareness and take action at local, government and international level.


We are completely independent and not associated with any charity or Non Government Association.


Reasons to stop killing whales and help them - as well as ourselves.

1. Whaling is unsustainable, needless savage and grossly inhumane.

2. Whales make significant contributions in maintaining ocean ecosystems.

3. Whales play an important role in ensuring healthy fish stocks.

4. Whales make significant contributions in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

5. Whales make significant contributions in generating Earth's oxygen.

6. Whales help to rehabilitate both the marine and terrestrial environment compromised by man

7. Whales numbers will begin to crash in the next 7 years due to sea pollution.

8. Whale products are toxic and can enter every part of the human food chain.

9. "There is nothing in the body of a whale, which is of use to us, for which we cannot find equivalents elsewhere" Sir David Attenborough.

10. We are all, more or less, responsible for polluting the whales' environment. Campaigning against whaling is a chance for each of us to give something back to whales, as well as ourselves.